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The Wonderful World of cheat codes

My #1 favorite thing about Ratchet and Clank are the cheat codes! In Drek’s Demise, you can make Clank’s noggin giant and have trippy contrails. In Going commando, Ratchet’s tux, tie and sunglasses really make him a commando.

 You can also turn Ratchet into a clown.

 How do you like a connection to Star Wars? You can replace Ratchet’s wrench with a laser sword in Up Your Arsenal.

 How about Clank? Clank in a tux can attract robot ladies…including Courtney Gears! Tired of those snow storms, dust storms or hot summer days that burn everything? Well, In Ratchet: Deadlocked, you can change the weather for less than 70 skill points. Do you ever want revenge on someone? In real life, maybe, but in Size Matters, yes! The cheat code, She’s on fire! Is perfect! I hope you enjoyed experimenting Ratchet and Clank’s wonderful world of cheat codes!


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