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Ways to get to the insomniac museum

The insomniac museum is a place every Ratchet and Clank fan dreams of going, I guess. Going Commando and Up your Arsenal have ways into going into the museum.


Going commando choices


Choice 1: Wait at the fountain in the promenade on Planet Notak at 3:00 sharp


Choice 2: Go on the grindrail on Planet Boldan. On the 6th or 7th rail, jump to the left and get electrocuted.


 Heli-pack to the grassland.         

 Go to the building with the blue clock.

Go to the left and walk on the floor.

Pretty soon, you’ll fall through the floor.

 Walk around and jump. You’ll be inside the building. Go to the teleporter that leads to the museum. Careful not to go to the one that leads to your ship.



Up your Arsenal choices


Choice 1: Fly to Metropolis first.  When you land, go right and fight the tyrrinnoids. Go left and break the window.

 Enter and jump across the gap.

 Go left and enter the teleporter. You can only have access to the museum between 2:59 and 3:59 am. You can go to Metropolis and wait, or change the time on your PS2 system


Choice 2: Collect all of the trophies (Ratchet trophy, Clank trophy, Captain Qwark trophy, Dr. Nefarious trophy, Lawrence trophy, Skrunch trophy, Al trophy, Omega Arsenal trophy, Nanotech trophy, skill point Master trophy, Friends of the rangers trophy, Courtney Gears trophy, Annihilation Nation trophy, the plumber trophy, titanium bolt trophy), then you can have access to the museum in the trophy room at any time. The teleporter is located at the Starship Phoenix.



Now that you know the ways to get into the insomniac museum, are you ready to rock?


2 Responses

  1. Cool!!!

  2. I thought you had to get 100% to get into the museum in Ratchet and Clank 2. (According to the PS2 Magasine)

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