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Skill point Guide Part 1: Drek’s Demise

Skill points are like a special in the game. You can earn them and receive bonus points. Here is a list of all the skill points.

Planet Novalis

Take Aim- Destroy a fighter or a bomber


Planet Aridia

Swing it- Traverse the final six swingshot targets without touching the ground

Transported-Destroy three flying transporters


Planet Kerwan

Strike a pose- Stand between the legs of the rotating statue on top of Al’s Robo shack

Blimpy- Destroy a Captain Qwark blimp

Qwarktastic- Destroy the Qwark robot on front of the fitness course


Planet Eudora

Any Ten- Destroy ten flying trucks


Blarg Station

Girl Trouble- Kill the alien queen using only the wrench


Planet Rilgar

Tricky- Do a Tricky McMarx at the hoverboard raceRatchet and Clank2 120

Cluck, Cluck- Turn a tank into a chicken

Speedy- win hoverboard race under 1:35


Planet Batalia

Jumper- Ride the grindrail without losing a life

Accuracy counts- Destroy a small fighter with a turret

Eat lead- Use a sand mouse to destroy all the tanks


Planet Gaspar

Destroyed- Blow up all of the Blarg Ships

Gunner- Shoot five ships with the turret


Planet Orxon

Sniper- Shoot a mutant crab in first person mode

Hey, over here- Lure an enemy into a force fieldRatchet and Clank2 121


Planet Pokitaru

Alien Invasion- Shoot three saucers with the Visbomb gun

Buried Treasure- Destroy all the crates in the oceanRatchet and Clank2 122


Planet Hoven

Pest Control- Kill all ankle biters in the forest sectionRatchet and Clank2 123

Whirlybirds- Destroy five helicopters without a turret


Gemlik Base, Oltanis orbit

Sitting Ducks- Destroy all the cargo ships on base


Planet Oltanis

Shattered glass- Blast all of the streetlights in the cityRatchet and Clank2 124

Blast em’- Destroy three Blarg ships


Planet Kalebo III

Heavy Traffic- Complete the grindrail without losing a life

Magician- Complete the hoverboard race and get 4000 pointsRatchet and Clank2 125


Drek’s fleet, Veldin orbit

Sneaky- Kill all enemies in the Hologuise traversalRatchet and Clank2 126

Careful Cruise- Complete water traversal without losing a lifeRatchet and Clank2 127


Planet Veldin

Going Commando- Kill ten Blarg soldiers using only the wrench


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